There is no shortage of colourful flowers to inspire here at the market. If your planning to buy, my tip would be go towards the end of the afternoon when all the prices come right down as the traders just want to shift stock - the choice is still usually pretty good and it's very satisfying to get a bargain here!

Taking inspiration from Columbia road flower market where there is an untold amount of colourful inspiration, and not just in the form of flowers. Take a trip down there on a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoy the manic market before stopping off for a glass a wine at the Royal Oak where you can step outside the beer garden at the back and on to the cobbles of Ezra street to enjoy the local buskers....a great Sunday treat. 
These shoes are beautiful, they look like they are hand made and look great with cropped jeans.
Nothing quite like a pair of red shoes....especially these ones that look hand embroidered, looks great with cropped jeans.
Shade and a denim jacket.....effortless cool
Live street music
THIS guy is my FAVOURITE busker ever, doing amazing covers of Depech Mode and the like.
Dog most stylish ;-)Those nails :-)

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