About Us



At Nancy Dee we aim to bring you a unique range of the best of ethical and eco women's fashion. We invite you to spend some time perusing our range of beautiful dresses, tops and bottoms where you can be certain you'll find the perfect ethical & eco outfit.....



 EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED AND MADE IN BRITAIN, the label was created in 2008 by Seraphina Davis (pictured above) who has a passionate belief that responsible fashion is possible without compromising on quality or design. 
Inspired by contemporary classic designs and specialising in jersey for its characteristic softness, drape and stretch, Nancy Dee's stylish, versatile pieces translate easily from day to night and season to season. 


ALL NANCY DEE GARMENTS ARE MANUACTURED to the highest standard in Britain. We believe in... 
  • nurturing and promoting the specialist skills which established Britain's reputation for quality manufacture.
  • using small factories where we can talk directly to the people who make the garments.
  • sourcing our other needs for printing, labelling, packaging etc. from small, local, quality businesses.
  • ethical production: strict UK and EU working regulations ensure high standards in British factories.


OUR FABRICS are mostly made from renewable natural sources such as bamboo & organic cotton. We also use Modal, an eco-friendly man-made material originating from beech wood. Some items are made using up-cycled material - often made in the UK - that would otherwise be consigned to land-fill.

Rather than fashion-fad, one-season wonders, Nancy Dee garments are designed to be long-wearing, versatile pieces that translate from day to night and season to season. 

We take the utmost care to ensure that the life cycle of our garments, from production to their eventual disposal, has the minimum environmental impact. 
  • Our patterns are designed to minimise fabric wastage. Leftover fabric is used for the following season's samples, or re-dyed and used for a brand new design.
  • We recommend that all our garments are washed at low temperatures and line-dried. Most pieces can be machine washed.
  • We use video conferencing to minimise travel.
  • Our look-books are available online, reducing the amount of print mailed out.
  • We use acid-free tissue paper and recyclable cardboard tags and mailing boxes.
  • Print, packaging and labels are sourced locally, reducing transport and supporting our local economy.
  • We recycle all paper and printing waste.


We are justly proud of our fabrics, most of which are manufactured specifically for Nancy Dee.
Once a particular colour or print is used up, the fabric cannot easily be replenished, so - by definition - our styles are produced in limited runs, ensuring exclusivity. 
  • Our luxurious bamboo and eco-textile Modal have a beautiful drape and are exceptionally soft, yet they can be machine washed at a low temperature.
  • Our organic cotton jersey is both supremely comfortable and easy-care.
  • The addition of Elastane to our fabrics helps retain garment stretch and shape.
  • Our prints are unique to Nancy Dee, so you won't find them anywhere else.


Nancy Dee is the trading name of Nancy Dee Clothing LLP. Registered in England & Wales No. OC338453. VAT No. 947745965