About Us


At Nancy Dee we aim to bring you a unique range of the best British made sustainable women’s wear, where style and comfort is not compromised on and every effort has been made to ensure we are creating minimal impact on this amazing planet of ours.


Picture of Nancy Dee designer and founder Seraphina Davis 


EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED AND MADE IN BRITAIN, the label was created in 2008 by Seraphina Davis (pictured above) who has a passionate belief that responsible fashion is possible without compromising on quality or design. 
Having lived in London for all of her adult life, Seraphina has always been inspired by this great city. Nancy Dee was created to bring a capsule collection of sustainable wardrobe staples that the everyday city-lover can wear with minimal effort and maximum style.
Seraphina aims to bring stylish sustainable wardrobe staples that are versatile pieces, translating easily from day to night and season to season and are ready for all occasions.


ALL NANCY DEE GARMENTS ARE MANUACTURED to the highest standard in Britain. We believe in... 
  • nurturing and promoting the specialist skills which established Britain's reputation for quality manufacture.
  • using small factories where we can talk directly to the people who make the garments.
  • sourcing our other needs for printing, labelling, packaging etc. from small, local, quality businesses.
  • ethical production: strict UK and EU working regulations ensure high standards in British factories. 
Picture of the Freya dress

We take the utmost care to source only the very best sustainable fabrics. Using a mix of natural fibres such as bamboo, linen and cotton (organic where possible), we also use deadstock fabrics that are sourced right here in the UK and upcycle these into our Nancy Dee designs.

We take the utmost care to ensure that the life cycle of our garments, from production to their eventual disposal, has the minimum environmental impact. 
  • Our patterns are designed to minimise fabric wastage. Leftover fabric is used for the following season's samples, or re-dyed and used for a brand new design.
  • We recommend that all our garments are washed at low temperatures and line-dried. Most pieces can be machine washed.
  • We use video conferencing to minimise travel and drive an electric car when it's needed.
  • We use acid-free tissue paper and recyclable cardboard tags and mailing bags.
  • Print, packaging and labels are sourced locally, reducing transport and supporting our local economy.
  • We recycle all paper and printing waste.

Picture of the Taylor playsuit made from Linen