Style that's in the BAG

Style that's in the BAG

With a new season almost upon us it can be a tricky time to navigate style and trends with the ever-changing weather patterns and our overriding desire to wear something other than a billion layers.

My advice is to concentrate efforts on your accessories, or more specifically, you bag.

Keep you outfits stylish, current and fresh with the right bag and it can transform not only the outfit itself but also how you feel when wearing it!

But of course finding the right bag can be a minefield with there being so many out there to choose from. So I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the chicest, coolest and where possible, the most sustainably sexy bags – so you’ll be skipping into spring with a smile and some serious style in the bag ;-)



A huge trend this season see the wicker and fishnet bags that were super popular in the 70's have their revival moment. No longer just for your groceries or consigned to the beach, these bags scream spring and summer seeking vibes and will lift any outfit on a not so sunny day.


River Island bag

Mango bag

Etsy bag




The trend for the round bags has overlapped from last year, but it's still going strong. There's even an overlap in the wicker and round bag trend which I LOVE.  





O my bag



Perhaps a slightly more sophisticated style of bag. It's not all that practical let's be honest, but so much fun and a great way to inject uniqueness into your style. The more colourful the better I say!

KG bag

KG Bag


BUM BAGS ARE BACK! But now we call them BELT BAGS don't ya know...

Some might hang their heads at this trend, BUT even tho I remember the first time it was trendy back in the 80s I'm still loving! It's all about wearing it with confidence and not the highly flammable shell suits of the 80s era. Instead team with smart twin sets and sexy body con dresses (a la Kim K style) for something more sophisticated. Or wear the bag slung across body for something more relaxed on the weekend with jeans, tee and trainers.


Mango bag

Gucci bum bag

Topshop Bum bag



Vegan and designer.....what better to invest in right now?!

All the major designers have their signature bags - this is the new one from Stella Mccartney's range and let's be honest, what's not to love? Stars, quilted black with chain strap (a la chanel) - plus it's made from vegan leather - it's classic and timeless and will go with any outfit, a serious sustainable investment if ever I saw one!

Stella Mccartney







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