with Seraphina Davis, founder and designer of Nancy Dee


"The clothes you wear can make a huge difference to the way you feel about yourself - and to how other people perceive you. After all, you are expressing yourself through what you wear, and choosing to present a certain image of yourself to the world, and it’s important to feel both comfortable and confident in yourself.

With more then 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry I can show you how to dress your best self and find confidence and pleasure from your clothing and style choices.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet ‘never have anything to wear’? Are the clothes no longer right for the life you now lead? Is the closet full of pieces that somehow don’t go together with anything else? Let me help you rediscover and utilise what you already have to its full potential. 

With my styling advice you can say goodbye to those frustrating shopping expeditions where you never find what you're looking for, and even if you do you're not sure in the end if it's really YOU. ​

So, whether you’ve lost your style mojo or simply want some new ideas, whatever your budget, I'm here to help you put together a wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle, and reflects your unique personality."